This past Saturday January 26th, the University of Minnesota AMCP chapter hosted the local P&T competition with a record high 9 competing teams. Each team looked at the drug TYMLOS (abaloparatide) manufactured by Radius Health, a drug indicated for post menopausal women with osteoporosis. Using any relevant, reliable data, teams formed a unique formulary decision that was brought forth to the judges in the form of a drug monograph, additional assignments, and presentation.

This years judges were Stacey Ness, Joe VonBank, Richard Zabinski, and Adam Pavek. This group of managed care professionals graciously donated their time to read over the team submissions and listen to their presentations to decide the top three.

Placing in third place at the competition was: Paul Prenevost, Nick Senne, Olivia Brown, and Jordan Baur.

Placing in second place at the competition was: Samuel Kim, Jennifer Burton, Phuong (Sophie) Le, and Tony Kanayinkal.

Placing in first place at the competition was: Lindsey Samera, Ethan Heidorn, Bridget Williams, and Rachael Pearson.

Congratulations to everybody who competed and thank you to everybody who made this event possible. Experiences like this give the students at the University of Minnesota College of Pharmacy a unique look into managed care.