Kayla Mills – AMCP President, Twin Cities Campus, PD3

Kayla Mills is the AMCP President on the Twin Cities campus and is an AMCP National Student Pharmacist Committee member. Through her experiences and positions within AMCP since her first year of pharmacy school, Kayla enjoys learning about the vital role managed care plays within the healthcare system as well as providing as a resource for students interested in learning more about this field. At the University of Minnesota, Kayla is a student researcher with PRIME Institute, focusing on pricing trends of anti-diabetic non-insulin injectable products. Additionally, she provides MTM services to patients in both her jobs at HealthPartners Corporate and Genoa Medication Management Solutions.

Through her personal experiences, Kayla’s ultimate goal is to play a role in improving the health outcomes of patients. With this in mind, she is very interested in the idea of pursuing a career in Health Economics and Outcomes Research (HEOR) to ensure patients receive quality care, through a better understanding of a product’s value and its potential within clinical practice.

Austin Schumacher – AMCP President, Duluth Campus, PD2

Austin Schumacher is a 2nd year pharmacy student at the University of Minnesota Duluth campus. He has shown increasing interest in Managed Care starting with his previous position as the P&T Competition Coordinator and now the current UMN AMCP President on the Duluth campus. Austin is currently a billing specialist for a medical transportation company, which prompted his interest in the importance of managed care, medication cost, pharmacy benefit managers, and healthcare financial sustainability. He is currently very interested in pursuing a career in this field, along with specialty and psychiatric pharmacy.

Austin is excited for the opportunity to promote interest in managed care and AMCP among his fellow classmates this 2018-2019 academic year.

Ethan Heidorn - Director of Managed Care, Twin Cities Campus, PD3

Ethan Heidorn is an active member of the University of Minnesota’s AMCP chapter and has become very knowledgeable about managed care through the years. Much of his experience in managed care has come from several years of shadowing pharmacists in the field while developing relationships and strengthening those through education and networking at the AMCP conferences. Currently, Ethan is a student researcher with PRIME Institute, focusing on the ASP and AWP pricing trends in Medicare Part B services. Additionally, he is working as a Pharmacy Intern at CVS Pharmacy while exploring entrepreneurial avenues within managed care.

Ethan wishes to continue to foster his knowledge and passion for managed care and is very interested in impressing that vision on the upcoming new students. Extremely excited and dedicated to the organization, Ethan is excited to continue to expand the AMCP organization in the 2018-2019 academic year.

Sophie Le - Assistant Director of Managed Care, Twin Cities Campus, PD2

Phuong "Sophie" Le is working towards her PharmD at the University of Minnesota -- Twin Cities. Born and raised in Vietnam, her passion for interdisciplinary approaches to ensuring equitable access to health care and medicines began in the summer of 2010 when she worked as an apprentice at a busy outpatient pharmacy at Cho Ray Hospital in Ho Chi Minh City and participated in medical mission trips and public health initiatives in rural areas of Vietnam. During college, she served as the co-president of the Beyond Borders Club to promote awareness of various cultures and global issues within the student community at Whitman College while volunteering at a local women's shelter and the Children's Museum of Walla Walla. After graduating from college, Sophie worked as a neuroscience research assistant at the Oregon Health and Science University (OHSU). During this time, she was volunteering at an inpatient unit and shadowing pharmacists at OHSU and Doernbecher Children's Hospital.

Since her first year of pharmacy school at the University of Minnesota, Sophie has been actively involved with the AMCP chapter and participated in the P&T Competition in January of 2018. Currently, Sophie is a pharmacy intern at Children's Hospitals and Clinics of Minnesota. Outside of school, work, and volunteering, she enjoys biking along the Mississippi River Trail, savoring a scoop of Sweet Science ice cream, and planning for the next epic road trip with her best friend.

Alahna Anderson- Director of Organization Operations, Duluth Campus, PD3

As the previous President of the Duluth AMCP Chapter, Alahna has worked closely with the organization while maintaining a variety of responsibilities. Because AMCP has been the main driver behind her interest in managed care pharmacy, Alahna works hard to help other student pharmacists, especially on the Duluth campus, become interested in managed care. Alahna attends all National AMCP meetings/conferences which has served as a way for her to meet mentors, future employers, and help put University of Minnesota student pharmacists on the managed care map. Upon finishing pharmacy school, she sees herself either working for a Pharmacy Benefit Manager or a pharmaceutical company, focusing on the drug class known as “biologics and biosimilars."

Rachael Pearson - Director of Mentorship & Communications, Twin Cities Campus, PD2

Rachael Pearson is the Director of Mentorship and Communication at the University of Minnesota’s AMCP Chapter. Previous to this role, Rachael was AMCP’s P&T Competition Coordinator for the 2017-2018 school year. Currently, Rachael is a student researcher under Dr. Pamala Jacobson, and her projects center around the applications of pharmacogenomics. Additionally, Rachael is the lead intern at Genoa Healthcare, as well as a pharmacy intern at Walgreen’s and Fairview Inpatient Pharmacy.

Raymond Kindva – AMCP Director of Drug Information, Duluth Campus, PD3

Raymond became interested in a career in pharmacy during his junior year of undergraduate where he learned about the diverse careers available in pharmacy. After learning about managed care as a PD1 in pharmacy school, he became fully involved during his PD2 by attending AMCP meetings and the AMCP National Conference, this year, in Boston.

Raymond currently works at West Seventh Pharmacy, an independent pharmacy in St. Paul, and previously worked at a mail-order and long-term care pharmacy. His goal is to obtain an internship or shadowing opportunity at a PBM to learn more about the practical daily routines and roles of pharmacists working in managed care.

Lindsey Samera - Director of Community Outreach, Twin Cities Campus, PD3

Lindsey is currently interested in pursuing a career in the field of managed care following graduation from the University of Minnesota College of Pharmacy. She currently interns at Fairview Specialty Pharmacy and ClearScript, both of which have strengthened her passion for managing drug spend in the United States. Since beginning pharmacy school, she has committed to the AMCP chapter at the College and is looking forward to continuing to educate patients and her peers through her role as Director of Community Outreach. She also continues to be a valuable and accessible resource for students interested in learning more about managed care as the teaching assistant for Clinical and Pharmacy Management in Modern U.S. Healthcare, a student researcher with PRIME Institute, and a past participant in the AMCP P&T Competition. Through her involvement with AMCP, she plans to work with the rest of chapter’s E-Board to expand and improve their member’s experiences for the 2018-2019 academic year.

Sam Jentink - Director of Network Administration, Twin Cities Campus, PD2

Sam has a strong interest in managed care and hospital pharmacy. He enjoys interacting with patients on a personal level, but also gets satisfaction from serving people on a large scale too. He currently works for Abbott Northwestern Hospital and CVS Pharmacy as a Pharmacy Intern. The different work places allows Sam to get a wide array of experiences and to see all the different aspects pharmacy has to offer. In his second year of pharmacy school, he is looking forward to being involved in the AMCP chapter to help gain exposure to the world of managed care while also meeting new people and learning more about the business.