2019 P&T Competition

This past Saturday January 26th, the University of Minnesota AMCP chapter hosted the local P&T competition with a record high 9 competing teams. Each team looked at the drug TYMLOS (abaloparatide) manufactured by Radius Health, a drug indicated for post menopausal women with osteoporosis. Using any relevant, reliable data, teams formed a unique formulary decision that was brought forth to the judges in the form of a drug monograph, additional assignments, and presentation.

This years judges were Stacey Ness, Joe VonBank, Richard Zabinski, and Adam Pavek. This group of managed care professionals graciously donated their time to read over the team submissions and listen to their presentations to decide the top three.

Placing in third place at the competition was: Paul Prenevost, Nick Senne, Olivia Brown, and Jordan Baur.

Placing in second place at the competition was: Samuel Kim, Jennifer Burton, Phuong (Sophie) Le, and Tony Kanayinkal.

Placing in first place at the competition was: Lindsey Samera, Ethan Heidorn, Bridget Williams, and Rachael Pearson.

Congratulations to everybody who competed and thank you to everybody who made this event possible. Experiences like this give the students at the University of Minnesota College of Pharmacy a unique look into managed care.

Oct 22-25 – AMCP Nexus 2018

The AMCP UMN Chapter had a great time at Nexus this week! The Chapter was awarded 1st place for the 2018 Chapter of the Year, which recognizes outstanding accomplishments in innovative managed care student pharmacist programming. Furthermore, our very own Samuel Kim presented his research completed through the 2018 AMCP/Pfizer Summer Internship, over 30 students and professionals networked at the happy hour event hosted by the chapter, and the 13 UMN students in attendance broadened their knowledge about various career opportunities at the Residency and Fellowship Showcase.


Oct 18th & 19th – 2018 Chicago trip

Eleven members of the AMCP University of Minnesota student chapter traveled to Chicago over their fall break for the third year in a row to visit two companies. This year, they had the opportunity to check out CVS Health and Precision for Value.

At CVS Health, students were able to learn about the company from a managed care perspective, pharmacists’ roles, and residency opportunities. Students were also able to see their mail order facility and learn how prescriptions were prepared in mass quantities with virtually zero errors.

At Precision for Value, students were able to learn about the operations of a managed markets agency that provides consulting services to manufacturing companies. This was a new and unique opportunity students typically aren’t exposed to.

Overall, the trip provided an amazing opportunity for the AMCP-UMN Student Chapter to bond and learn about managed care together.

The 3rd Annual Midwest Regional Conference Continues to Grow

The 3rd Annual AMCP Midwest Regional Conference was a success! Over 150 students and professionals were in attendance for the two-day event to learn more about managed care and its impact in real-life patient care. This year’s theme was Emerging Healthcare Trends, with topics including Vertical Integrations in the Healthcare Space, “Big Data” in Pharmacy, and the Future of Medicare, to name a few. We also hosted a pharmacy perspectives panel discussing “Is the Cure Worth the Cost?” regarding very expensive drug treatments.

The AMCP-UMN Chapter was honored to have Susan A. Cantrell as the Keynote Speaker this year, as she discussed ways we can bring value to the healthcare system from a managed care perspective. We were also delighted to have student attendees from North Dakota State University, the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and Creighton University. In all, this event provided a platform for students in the Midwest to learn from and interact with pharmacists from the area.

UMN Wins 2nd Place on Chapter of the Year Award at the AMCP Nexus 2017

The University of Minnesota College of Pharmacy’s AMCP student chapter was awarded 2nd place for the 2017 Chapter of the Year Award. The award recognizes outstanding accomplishments of the chapters on a year-to-year basis, and inspires chapters to strive for new, innovative managed care student pharmacist programming ventures. In total, 7 UMN students were able to attend Nexus. A happy hour event was hosted at the conference to facilitate networking between students and professionals.

AMCP Chicago Tours 2017

The AMCP-UMN Student Chapter continued to provide students an opportunity to join several company tours in Chicago. On 10/18, a group of students hopped into the car and traveled to Chicagoland for a 3-day trip. This year, our chapter visited Walgreens, Astellas, and CVS Health. Students that attended the tour were able to network with numerous professionals involved in different areas of pharmacy, and learn about the companies from an insider perspective.

On 10/19, we started the day by visiting the Walgreens innovation center. Attendees were able to get a glimpse of the exciting, upcoming changes Walgreens has in store for the future. Afterwards, Walgreens arranged a panelist session that allowed students to engage with a diverse range of professionals. Later that day, students visited Astellas and learned about the company’s origin, accomplishments, and ongoing innovations in the pharmaceutical industry.

On 10/20, the last day of the trip, students had the pleasure to explore the CVS Caremark Office. The tour included a well-rounded presentation on why the company was so successful in integrating itself into the field of healthcare and how it came to be #7 on the Fortune 500 list. Students were also able to see CVS’ mail order facility and learn how prescriptions were prepared in mass with virtually zero errors. The facility looked exactly like the future of robotic dispensing. Overall, the trip provided an amazing opportunity for the AMCP-UMN Student Chapter to bond and learn about managed care together.

The 2nd Midwest Regional Conference was a Success!

The AMCP student chapter once again hosted the AMCP Midwest Regional Conference for the second year in a row. This year’s theme was “Present and Future Innovation in Pharmacy.” We had over 80 attendees including students, pharmacists, other professionals. The keynote speaker this year was Stephen Ritter and various other leaders representing the future innovation of pharmacy were also present such as Rajiv Shah and Lynda Welage.

For this year’s conference, it was a privilege to listen to a variety of different speakers and observe how their perspectives differed. Topics such as the drug product life cycle, formulary strategy, medical devices, and biologics were covered throughout the conference. The AMCP student chapter plans to host the Midwest Regional Conference again next year to create more opportunities where leaders in pharmacy, students, and other professionals can gather to increase the awareness of managed care and discuss what the future holds for pharmacy.

Insight Brewery Networking Happy Hour!

AMCP hosted the Network, Network, and Network Some More happy hour event in April at Insight Brewery. The purpose of the event was to provide a relaxed environment for AMCP members to interact with professionals and build their professional network. Over 30 individuals from PBMs, pharmaceuticals, consulting companies, and students attended the event. The event successfully allowed students to interact freely with professionals in a natural atmosphere to cultivate mentorships.

Big thanks to our great leadership board, active members, and the strong presence of managed care professionals in our community for our chapter to succeed!

P&T Competition and the 2017 AMCP Annual Meeting

AMCP followed up its incredible fall semester with a successful spring semester. We began the semester with our local Pharmacy and Therapeutics (P&T) Competition, in which teams were assigned a drug and have to dig into its clinical evidence, cost-effectiveness, and place in market. Each team simulates a provided Minnesota health plan, and makes a final formulary placement recommendation to judges. The P&T competition is a great way to experience what clinical pharmacists actually do on a daily basis in the real world.

A group of talented first-year students won the local competition and advanced to the “Elite 8”, meaning that they got to compete at the national competition. The national competition was held at the 2017 AMCP Annual Meeting in Denver CO. AMCP chapter members, faculty and professionals attended the conference to support our P&T team.

At the AMCP Annual Meeting, our chapter also hosted a happy hour that allow conference attendees to mingle with professionals and other students in a laid-back environment.